“Jenny’s presentation was great! She was engaging, and the information she shared was very thought provoking. With a background in crisis management, combined with first hand experience with suicide and depression, she was able to give a great perspective on both topics. I thought that Jenny was very positive, and I appreciated that she was willing to answer our questions.”

Amanda J.

Jenny is an excellent speaker and extremely passionate about her work.

— Tina L.

“Jenny moved me by courageously inviting me to contemplate tough questions in a kind way.”

Jason Freeman, Perseverance Coach & Professional Speaker with a Speech Impediment 

Jenny has spoken at several of our events and we hope many more to come. Her approachable style, combined with her eloquent delivery connects directly to the heart of audiences, allowing them to experience both the depths of pain she has withstood, and the spirit of hope with which she lives. 

Christopher ShawCPS, CHF Executive Director The Heart and Mind Connection

Jenny is an amazing speaker. WHY? ... Because she understands what it takes to entice an audience to take action with her words. I felt very blessed to hear her in full flow engaging the audience and making them think about the way they think. I would strongly recommend her services. 

Steve Beckles-ebusua, International Speaker & Soft Skills and Presentation Trainer

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Jenny about a year ago.  After we spoke I was in awe of her personal story and how she has used that to touch and change the lives of so many others.  Jenny is not afraid to be vulnerable, completely transparent and always recognizes that blessings come even in trying circumstances.  She is a continual inspiration to me and I feel blessed to call her a friend.  

David Bryson, Host of 'Why Can't You?' Podcast

“Excellent book! Highly recommended for all professionals, counselors, chaplains, others who work with sudden loss and grief. Provides poignant insights and a helpful framework for addressing resulting trauma and stigma of suicide that often inhibits the healing process. Clients frequently report they readily connect with events and stories shared. A valued addition to my professional library.”

Mary C. Vidas, MPA, CIC, FTP, Family Trauma Specialist, Community Celebrant, Grief & Loss Counselor/Educator.

“The author provides a deeply powerful and authentic personal journey that will touch your heart, mind, and soul. She speaks to you in a warm, conversational tone as a survivor and that’s what makes the reading so compelling. ... She also gives much needed practical strategies for effectively communicating with those who have lost loved ones to suicide as well as tools for healing that will help survivors move through the pain.”

— Bob M.

“Growing Through Grief is a book that will help benefit not only people who lost a loved one from suicide but with death in general. I loved that the author spoke so genuinely about her families reactions immediately after her fathers death and then again later on in life. It shows how the same event can happen to many people but everyone has a different way of dealing and healing from a death.”

— Amy E.

“If you are looking for ideas on how to heal, if you are supporting a survivor or if you are trying to find motivation, this book might be very helpful to you. Jenny is an activist who encourages people to explore healing options in all forms and to focus on what works for the individual. Jenny’s style is very conversational and the book itself is a convenient read. It’s definitely worth checking out.”

— Gekko M.

“Stoic and authentic. Not just for those directly impacted by suicide, but for all those who cross their paths…provides a deeper understanding of those wounds and how we all help each other heal.”

— Annamarie S.

“Brave and honest. A must read for anyone who has lost someone to suicide.”

— Amazon Customer

“Well written, definitely helps step by step any reader to deal with grief in a personal way.”

— Sheila H.