We don't always know why we feel depleted. And unfortunately, we often feel alone as we try to navigate this unsettling state that can leave us feeling incapable, unworthy, and dissatisfied with life. In these moments it's important to understand that our mental health and our physical health are connected. 

No one chooses to be in a dark place, but in order to heal we have to recognize when we're struggling and be willing to seek help and make changes. Unfortunately, for some of us we miss the initial signs and become so lost in the the darkness that it's impossible for us to take the first steps needed to recover. At times we need the people around us to step in and help shine a light on the darkness. However, others can only do so much. 

We believe the most effective way to overcome and/or prevent moments of darkness is through intentional livingmeaningful connections, and authentic healing.

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