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GOOD chats episodes one & two and the lessons Jenny and her husband learned from their adolescent daughter's suicide attempt.

GOOD chats episodes three & four where we discuss the effects of mild traumatic brain injury and LIVIN after Losing a Loved One to Suicide.

GOOD chats episodes five and six where we discuss how to assist our adolescents navigate their emotions and how gratitude impacts healing. 

GOOD chats episode seven, Understanding our Need for Control, as well as why we should talk about mental health at work. 

GOOD chats episode eight highlighting the importance of intentional living - how it can reduce the risk of crisis and improve our quality of life.

GOOD chats episodes nine and ten highlight mental health in schools and the benefits of naturopathic medicine for physical and mental health concerns.

In this edition of GOOD News we highlight Heather Boll's story and the benefits of working with a Peer Support Specialist. We also recognize Kevin's Song for the incredible work they do.

We showcase GOOD chats episodes with Dr. Crystalin Montgomery and Jennifer Espinosa-Goswami. Also meet our newest contributor, Jonathon G. Itchon.

GOOD News Edition: 9 - Check out GOOD chats episode 14 with Marin Laukka. Also meet our newest contributor, Dr. Steve Taubman, ex-neurotic, ex-Long Island chiropractor who underwent a personal life transformation that led to his helping others discover the keys to their success.

Check out GOOD chats episode 15 with Alex Morrall who shares his view on what it means to be part of a wellness collective. Also meet our newest contributor, Jason W. Freeman who teaches how to be our imperfect best.

In this edition of GOOD News we showcase an excerpt from Craig A. Miller's book, This is How it Feels. We also share GOOD chats Episode 16 where Craig shares some of his story as well as the question that changed his life.