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The Ultimate Healing Comes when Fear is Replaced with Love

On June 2, 1999 my world as I knew it was shattered. For the next three years I was terrified of that day ... anticipating the memory of the overwhelming pain that came from losing my dad to suicide ... anxious of what I would feel ... uncertain of how I would respond to the people around me ... questioning if I would be able to breathe.

June 2nd had become a day full of fear and pain, but in 2003 all of that changed. I was pregnant with my first daughter and on June 2, 2003 I saw and heard her heartbeat for the first time. How could I possibly allow my sadness to consume me after being given such a gift?

My baby girl gave me the gift of love and she saved me from the dread and anguish that had consumed me for the last four years.

Over the years I have continued to be blessed with her kind spirit and thoughtful surprises. Yesterday marked 18 years since losing my dad and while I was a bit emotional at times, it wasn't due to pain, but from the outpouring of love shown to me from those who've recently read my book and from my baby girl who is now 13. Kaeli Scott, named after my dad, took me by surprise with her unexpected message of love on Instagram (shown in featured picture).

Words can not describe how blessed I feel to be surrounded by love, both from within my home by my incredible husband and two beautiful girls and from those who may live far away but through their kindness and love have made us feel close.

June 2nd, a day that will have forever changed my life, is no longer a day to be scared of, but a day to embrace for it is full of love and compassion.

Jenny Landon

Blessed │ Wife │ Mom │ Friend │ Founder of GOOD │ Author │ Public Speaker │ Golf Fanatic

It took me years to find my voice and even longer to learn how to use it so that I’m creating GOOD rather than just fighting the bad. Now I use my voice to heal myself and hopefully others along the way.

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