GOOD's Executive Board


Scott Mikesh


Founder of 4D Fit  | Mental Fitness Consultant  | Speaker & Instructor

With a passion for creativity and wellness, and a background in psychology and design, Scott Mikesh has nearly 20 years of experience as a communicator, brand strategist, and creative business leader. He is also the founder of 4D Fit, a new workshop-based business focused on mental fitness. Having battled anxiety for most of his life, he is acutely aware of the power and importance of mental well-being, and is continually driven to empower others to believe in themselves and what they can do, to live happier and healthier lives—head first.

I am both honored and eager to be part of the GOOD Board, for it’s focus on promoting hope, health, and healing. I applaud GOOD’s approach to suicide prevention that sheds light on the health factors involved, just as we do other life-threatening conditions—and no longer defining suicide as a choice, but a health crisis.


Sandi Cariveau

Vice President

Guardian ad Litem - Ramsey County

In 2010, I left my career in the retail software industry to focus on my children, in particular my special needs son. Navigating services and learning to advocate properly for his needs, I realized how difficult this process is and how many children are falling through the cracks of our broken systems. Concurrently, I began work with Ramsey County foster care, representing the interests of abused and neglected children in court. Through my efforts within my own home and connections made in the community, I became increasingly aware of how medical issues, learning disabilities, isolation, and trauma play into mental health concerns, addiction, and suicide. Many of these issues have touched my own life and I’ve become passionate in driving change with how they are perceived, talked about, and supported. I was fortunate to meet Jenny at our children’s school and was moved by her story, her passion, and her mission through GOOD to enable hope and healing. I am honored to be part of this organization and its mission.


William Colon


Vice President, Marketing at CHF Solutions

Depression will impact everyone at some point, either directly or through someone they love.  The more we can ease the stigma associated with talking about depression, the better we become in treating, healing, growing from whatever led to it, and preventing suicide.  I've lived this through my own life experiences and that of family and friends who have been impacted by depression and suicide.  I'm honored to be a part of the GOOD board because of the important work this organization is doing to accomplish this mission.  I've been blessed to know Jenny for over 16 years and I understand the passion she has for supporting those who’ve been impacted by depression and/or suicide, and reducing the stigma associated with both.  It’s a passion I fully support.

I'm an innovative, high impact global executive in medical technology and devices with an expertise in developing new global markets and leading high performing teams to accomplish organizational goals. Throughout my career, one of my passions has been unlocking human potential to achieve personal growth and positive outcomes.  By joining Jenny in the important cause that GOOD serves, I am optimistic that we can inspire hope and heal souls so people can live fuller lives.   Let’s connect to begin this work today.

Al Levin.jpg

Al Levin


Assistant Principal, St. Paul School District

I have worked in St. Paul Public Schools for nearly twenty years. I have lived through two major bouts of depression, one that was so debilitating that I needed to take five weeks off of work and check myself into a partial hospitalization program.


Previously a public speaker for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), I now share my story publicly and speak on the topic of depression.  I also have a blog in which I write on topics related to depression, other mental illnesses, and suicide awareness & prevention. I also have a podcast, The Depression Files, in which I interview men who have struggled with depression.


I feel very lucky as I serendipitously sat next to Jenny on an airplane after attending a mental health conference. I was impressed by her passion in supporting others who have lost a loved one to suicide and the work that she has already accomplished through GOOD. I am privileged and honored to join the GOOD Board.


Jeff Warren

Executive Board Member

Chief Financial Officer at MOBÉ, LLC

I’ve had the good fortune of spending most of my career in the healthcare space. The majority of my time was spent in the medical technology field where most healthcare solutions are based on biomechanical devices delivering some kind of a palliative treatment to patients. However, as my career evolved into a different part of the healthcare space, I’ve come to realize that what’s missing in most healthcare solutions is human connection and appreciating the impact that relationships have on our long-term health.

This realization is only part of what initially drew me to Growing Out Of Darkness. The deep sense of loss and pain I’ve experienced from losing loved ones to suicide also gives me a deep personal connection to GOOD’s mission. I have tremendous respect for the work Jenny and GOOD are undertaking in raising awareness and making it OK for all of us to talk openly about this global societal healthcare issue. I respect Jenny’s passion on improving prevention through awareness while also providing important support to help families, friends, colleagues and neighbors cope and move past the immense grief associated with losing someone to suicide.

Jenny and her work with GOOD can also show us ways to strengthen the broader social fabric in our communities that are necessary to help address this growing global healthcare issue. I believe that GOOD is well positioned to be a strong gravitational force in helping people move out of the darkness and into the light of being open and honest in bringing healing and understanding to this devastating healthcare issue. It’s an honor and a privilege to be part of GOOD’s mission to deliver hope and healing.


Jenny Landon

Executive Board Member

Founder & Executive Director of Growing Out Of Darkness

After losing my dad to suicide in 1999 I was blessed to experience many forms of healing. Though, I was once nearly broken by my heartache, I’m now grateful that it has turned into the HOPE for healing that I share with others. As raw and as painful as it was to lose my dad to suicide, I can honestly say that I’ve healed. I’ve mended my wounds and I’ve grown stronger for having gone through this pain. I’ve done more than just learn how to exist and accept that this pain will always be part of me.

My desire was to create an organization that could help people know that they are not alone. I want to inspire each of us to focus on finding healthy ways to connect with others in order to truly heal and feel supported. I hope to encourage people to be mindful of their words and to inspire them to speak openly and constructively about what may initially feel like difficult topics. I also want to help people discover the importance of looking at whole body health and the benefits of holistic healing options, diet, physical activity, and the relationships we have with others.