Jenny Landon

Author, International Speaker, Mental Health Advocate

Jenny Landon's Bio​

Jenny is a certified trainer in C.A.L.M. (Counseling on Access to Lethal Means).

Jenny lost her dad to suicide at the age of twenty while working towards receiving her degree in Psychology from San Francisco State University. Losing her dad was devastating and the stigma associated with suicide wasn't a reflection of who her dad was. Upon returning to school, Jenny poured herself into learning all she could about mental health and depression in an effort to better understand what happened to her dad. 

Following college, Jenny worked as a trained crisis counselor and public educator on suicide prevention in both California and in Minnesota. Nearly five years after losing her dad, Jenny experienced postpartum depression and even became suicidal. She was able to heal through the use of holistic care. 

With permission from her daughter, Jenny also openly speaks about the lessons they've learned as a family after her daughter attempted suicide at the age of fifteen. While everyday isn't sunshine and rainbows, Jenny shares how they worked together as a family to support her daughter and help her go from being suicidal to thriving. 


Over the last 21 years Jenny has been determined to discover various nontraditional means to healing that are rarely discussed with mental health. She is passionate about intentional living, authentic healing and meaningful connections. 

Who would benefit from working with Jenny Landon? ​

  • Individuals who have lost a loved one to suicide. 

  • Individuals who are looking for non-traditional tools to assist them with their mental health

  • Individuals who are supporting a loved one with mental health struggles

  • Parents who are wanting to learn how to speak comfortably with their children about mental health

What can individuals hope to gain from working with Jenny Landon?

  • A feeling of being heard and supported.

  • A deeper understanding for mental health and how to support it. 

  • An understanding and appreciation for how language and perspective play a role in how we respond to situations. 

Services & Investment Details

  • 45 minute support call