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Jamie Hazelton

Integrative Health & Wellbeing Coach

Whole You Health

Jamie Hazelton's (She/Her) Bio

Jamie Hazelton is the founder of Whole You Health and a proud trans lesbian. Jamie works with LGBTQIA* individuals & allies who are experiencing highly stressful lives and partners with each person to help them feel recharged and rejuvenated. 


Since her transition in 2011, Jamie knows first hand about the challenges that come with being in the LGBTQIA* community. However, she also believes that being LGBTQIA* is a unique gift to the world as she helps others share that gift. Jamie also expands her coaching practice to loved ones of LGBTQIA* individuals. Because Jamie understanding when an LGBTQIA* individual comes out that it affects all members of that person’s community. She gives support for allies to grieve, find acceptance, and offer a non-judgmental space to heal. 


Jamie has been featured on multiple podcasts, magazine articles, and speaking events. She also has her own Youtube channel that explores gender transition. Additionally, she also works with young professionals who are highly stressed. 


To learn more: wholeuhealth@gmail.com or visit www.wholeuhealth.com

Who would benefit from working with Jamie Hazelton? ​

  • LGBTQIA* Individuals

  • LGBTQIA* loved ones, parents, allies

  • Young professionals

What can individuals hope to gain from working with Jenny Landon?


  • With all the stress associated with being LGBTQIA* you will feel recharged and rejuvenated.

  • Create ways to build your confidence and authentically express your truest self

  • Provided a safe space to be yourself.

  • Live in your whole you - your LGBTQIA* identity and beyond.


  • Be allowed to grieve and find your most needed path for healing.

  • Cultivate information that will help you grow.

  • Overcome the fears you may face.

  • A shifted perspective that benefits you and your loved one.


  • To feel recharged and rejuvenated to help you flourish


Services & Investment Details

Jamie believes coaching should be for everyone. That is why she offers income-based coaching. 


  • Consultation 20-minutes: Free

  • 1-1 Coaching (multiple packages): Income-based

  • Group Coaching: Income Based

  • Business wellness: Inquire for pricing

  • Workshops: Inquire for pricing


For more please visit: www.wholeuhealth.com