Craig Miller

Writer, International Speaker, Mental Health Advocate

Craig Miller's Bio​

Craig Miller is a member of The Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention and The American Association of Suicidology. He is trained in both SafeTALK and ASIST.

When he was fifteen-years-old, Craig Miller was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Psychiatrists at a New Hampshire Hospital determined that the rituals and behaviors associated with Craig’s OCD consumed ninety five percent of his waking hours. His compulsions spanned the entire spectrum of categorized behaviors including washing, checking, counting, and self harming. His counting rituals were among his most intrusive as he would spend hours performing complex equations in his mind to avoid certain numbers while favoring others. At times he spoke backwards after each sentence to “reverse the intent of the words.” He even performed ritualistic prayers to satisfy an irrational fear of God.

Aside from these behaviors, Craig’s most prominent compulsion was the need to collect scraps of paper he found on the ground. As he walked home from school each day, he collected pieces he saw along the way. He carefully flattened out their wrinkled creases and folded them up in his pocket.

For years he lived in a constant state of fear and depression, isolated from the world under the complete control of his OCD and the anxiety associated with it. But despite the overwhelming power OCD had over Craig, there was one thing that was off limits to his intrusive thoughts and compulsive behavior-- writing.

As a result Craig began writing constantly, expressing his pain through song lyrics and poetry. He carried a pen with him always. And more often than not he used the scraps of paper he collected on the side of the road to write his words. 

By the time he reached twenty-years-old, his life's traumas, as well as his battle with mental health issues had taken a toll on him. And one night while sitting on the edge of a rented bed, he attempted to end his life. For three days that followed he lay in the Intensive Care Unit fighting a battle to start over. His triumph over this battle would prove to change his life forever.

Today, Craig is free from OCD and the mental illness that once plagued him. He has found peace in his life's events and overcome the odds to leave his past behind. But despite everything he has broken ties with, writing has been the one thing to remain with him through it all.

After self-publishing his memoir, This is How it Feels, in July of 2012, Craig joined The Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention and began speaking out about his suicide attempt and his battles with mental health issues. Since then, he has shared his story with hundreds of people, speaking at bookstores, charity events, and public events as well as at The Massachusetts Suicide Prevention Conference. He has also written blogs for The American Association of Suicidology’s Attempt Survivor Blog.

  • Not once was I asked if I wanted to live

  • The only thing that had not changed was me


Craig’s insight into his mental health issues and the steps he took to overcome them has not only helped those who also struggle, but it has provided valuable information to professionals in the mental health field as well. In January, 2013 Craig gave a filmed interview where he talks in depth about these areas. This interview has been used in a training program for mental health clinicians and is planned to be rolled out nationwide. 

In his struggle to overcome adversity Craig has learned the incredible power in finding our life’s passion. He believes that, “it is in our passion that we find our purpose.” Craig is currently working on his next book- a follow-up to This is How it Feels that documents the steps he took to move forward in life. 

Who would benefit from working with Craig Miller? ​

  • Public Speakers

  • Suicide Attempt Survivors

  • Individuals who've experienced trauma and have a desire to heal and share their story with others 

What can individuals hope to gain from working with Craig Miller?

  • A deeper awareness of self.

  • The ability to discovery the profound lessons life changing lessons that can come from difficult experiences. 

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