Providing support to those who've lost a loved one to suicide. 



Providing a foundation for understanding mental health and how to best support it. 


To cultivate a climate where individuals and organizations equally value mental health and physical health, recognizing that the ability to thrive both personally and professionally is greatly impacted by one’s overall well-being.



It’s our belief that by focusing our efforts on addressing the manner in which we live we will be more effective in preventing moments of crisis and/or navigating through them. As a result, we will reduce the rate of suicide. We also believe that regardless of whether it’s a spontaneous suicide or a long-term depression induced suicide, all suicides involve three factors.

  1. Extreme Distress

  2. Isolation

  3. Shift in Belief


There is clear evidence that the stigma associated with suicide contributes to feelings of uncertainty, shame, and self-loathing which can prevent someone from seeking help. The stigma also prolongs and intensifies the grieving process for those who’ve lost a loved one to suicide. It’s critical for the overall health and well-being of everyone involved that we end the stigma and focus on the imbalance. 


To serve others through various avenues in order to promote healthy living and reduce the rate of suicide as well as offer support to those who’ve been impacted by depression and/or suicide.