Safe Messaging Consulting Services

Craig Miller & Jenny Landon

Why is learning about Safe Messaging important?

  • It helps end the stigma that often surrounds mental health.

  • It fosters open and constructive conversations. 

  • It raises our awareness to the fact that we don't always know what experiences have been faced by the people we are engaging with and we don't know what support systems they have in place. 

Who would benefit from Safe Messaging Consulting Services? ​

  • Individuals who are wanting to learn how to safely and effectively share their story.

  • Organizations that are focused on creating intentional and constructive dialogue about mental health.

  • Industry Specialists

    • film makers

    • song writers

    • journalist

    • public speakers

    • business leaders

    • church leaders

    • educators

    • medical professionals

    • mental health advocates

    • law enforcement

    • first responders

What can individuals hope to gain from GOOD's Safe Messaging Consulting Services?

  • A deeper understanding of mental health.

  • An understanding for how language impacts responses to circumstances.

  • Edits on existing content.

  • Support in content development. 

Services & Fee Details

  • Fees are based on scope of project.