"It's not only Jenny's presentation skills that set her apart, it's the incredible eloquence in which she delivers her message. With compassion, love, and pure intent, Jenny presents with a depth that profoundly connects with the hearts of her audience."

 -Craig A. Miller, Award Winning Author & National Keynote Speaker

What past attendees have said about hearing Jenny speak ...

"It was as if she was telling my story on that stage ... I could relate to everything she was saying."

"Beautiful, transparent, vulnerable ... the best talk of the day."

"How I interact with my son will change after hearing Jenny share about her experience with her daughter. I finally feel hope again."

"You know you're not alone and you feel a sense of hope after hearing Jenny share her story."

"I needed to hear this message today."

"Jenny not only changed how I think about mental health, but how I think about myself. She helped me understand that being angry at myself for having these struggles isn't the answer and she gave me ideas on ways I can get the help that's right for me."

"Everyone needs to hear Jenny's message. I want to know when she'll be back because I want my kids and all of my friends to be here."

"I lost my grandpa just a few days before attending this event. Hearing Jenny speak and reading her book got me through some really dark days." 

"Her passion for raising awareness and instilling hope in others is powerful and inspirational."

"Before hearing Jenny's talk I had begun to feel life wasn't worth living but I didn't understand what I was feeling and I didn't know how to express it to anyone. Jenny helped me put words to what I was feeling and made me realize that I had speak to my loved ones about it. She also provided me with 'treatment' options I had never thought of. I already feel like a weight has been lifted."

Jenny Landon

Founder, International Keynote Speaker & Author

Bachelors of Arts, Psychology

San Francisco State University 

Jenny is the founder and executive director of Growing Out Of Darkness (GOOD), author of Growing Through Grief, and host of GOOD chats. In addition to healing after losing her dad to suicide, Jenny used acupuncture to heal from postpartum depression and suicidal ideation. She has also spent the last two years trying to better understand and seek appropriate treatment for her teenage daughter’s mental health struggles. For over twenty years Jenny has devoted herself to understanding suicide, exploring various modes of healing, and promoting wellness.

Recognizing that simply speaking about mental health disorders and suicide more frequently will not end the stigma nor the rate of occurrence, Jenny is focused on improving the way we speak and think about every aspect of mental health. Her goal is to help individuals understand that while no one chooses to have mental health struggles, there are things we can do to support our mental health function and give ourselves the best chance at living a life we love. 




Kaeli Scott

Writer & Mental Health Advocate

10th grade

St. Paul, MN



Kaeli is a beautiful blend of passion, creativity, intelligence, and kindness. She is both bold and cautious. At the age of four Kaeli was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. She’s felt the presence of anxiety for as long as she can remember. In her early teens Kaeli’s anxiety turned into depression. She felt consumed with sadness, anger and resentment. At the age of fifteen Kaeli attempted suicide. After surviving an unimaginable ordeal, she realized she had to start fighting the darkness rather than her parents if she was going to live to see her future. Kaeli now openly shares her ongoing journey of healing with the hope of inspiring other parents and kids to never give up and to always fight the darkness not each other. 


Jenny & Kaeli are available for the following types of Speaking Engagements 

Mental Health Forums • Success & Wellness Events • Corporate Events • Colleges • High Schools • Junior High Schools • Teacher Trainings • Church Groups • Parent Groups • Networking Groups • Bereavement Groups 

Keynote Speeches offered by Jenny
End Stigma. Save Lives.

"How changing the conversation can save a life." -Jenny Landon​

Understanding Mental Health

"There is a misconception that the term mental health refers to the disorders one faces, but in actuality mental health is referring to an individual's psychological, emotional, and social well-being. Understanding the importance of addressing mental health at every age and in every setting is the first step in reducing the rate of suicide." -Jenny Landon​


"It's not easy, but with hard work and the love and support of others, healing is possible. Healing doesn't mean we get over the pain. It means we grow through it." -Jenny Landon


"We can't be our best selves by ourselves." -Jenny Landon


For information about scheduling Jenny for your next event,

please click HERE or call 612-940-6775.

Past Speaking Engagements Include ...

  • Verve Church│Las Vegas, NV│Spiritual Healing

  • Kevin's Song 2017│Plymouth, MI│Postpartum Depression & Stigma in the Workplace

  • Kevin's Song 2017│Plymouth, MI│ Survivor of Suicide Loss Panel Discussion

  • SAVE Memorial 2018│Eden Prairie, MN│Honoring Those We've Lost

  • HWC Scottsdale│Scottsdale, AZ│Empowering Women Panel Discussion

  • HWC D.C.│Washington, D.C.│Growing Through Grief

  • Kevin's Song 2018│Plymouth, MI│Spiritual Healing

  • Maplewood Moms│Maplewood, MN│Healthy Conversations about Mental Health with Youth

  • Edina Metropolitan Breakfast Club│ Edina, MN│Meaningful Connections

  • HWC Dallas│Dallas, TX│Meaningful Connections

  • HWC San Diego│San Diego, CA│End Stigma. Save Lives.

  • Northwest Metro Polka Dots│Brooklyn Park, MN│End Stigma. Save Lives

  • Brooklyn Park Police Department│Brooklyn Park, MN│Humanizing Mental Health

  • HWC St. Louis│St. Louis, MO│Youth Mental Health Awareness

  • Philips Health Fair│Plymouth, MN│ End Stigma. Save Lives.

  • Finding Your Inner Beauty Conference│San Antonio, TX│The Beauty of Mental Health

  • Philips Manufacturing Facility│ Alajuela, Costa Rica│Understanding Mental Health 

  • Philips IGTD Leadership Team│Laguna Beach, CA│Understanding Mental Health

  • 4s4LIFE Community Social │ Glens Falls, NY │ Understanding Mental Health

  • Kevin's Song 2020 │ Plymouth, MI │ Shifting Perspective to promote healing & save lives