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Jenny Landon

Jenny Landon uses the lessons she’s learned from the most difficult times of her life to create an experience for her audience that goes well beyond simply sharing a story. She connects with her audience through her own transparency and sense of vulnerability to help them develop a better understanding for mental health and how to support it. Jenny’s need for understanding mental health began in 1999 after she lost her father to suicide. Determined to understand his death, she focused the remainder of her undergraduate studies on depression and how to heal after experiencing such a loss.


Jenny graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in psychology and went on to be a trained crisis counselor and public educator on suicide prevention. Still, she credits her life experiences as being the best teacher in helping her better understand mental health. In addition to losing her dad, Jenny became suicidal as a result of missing the signs that she was experiencing postpartum depression. In recent years, Jenny’s attention has been on understanding the mental health of her adolescent daughter and helping her to live a life she loves after nearly losing her to suicide.

Craig Miller

Craig Miller has mastered the process of turning life experiences into opportunities for personal growth. Craig endured years of abuse as a young child. As an adolescent, he was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Depression and Anxiety. After multiple suicide attempts, Craig became dedicated to finding value in life’s darkest moments. He focused on gaining control of his perspective, in all aspects of life, to ensure he would never attempt suicide again.

Craig’s ability to recognize how his life experiences played a role in developing him has led to him sharing his learnings and helping others worldwide. 

Craig’s unique communication skills go far beyond simply offering inspiration to others. His goals are to ignite a desire, to initiate healing, and to provide insights that empower his audience to take action. Through his books and his talks, Craig takes every opportunity to enlighten and encourage his audience to be mindful of how our own thoughts, and our perception, impact our journey and our ability to heal.

Craig Miller & Jenny Landon

Both Craig and Jenny have focused their careers on raising awareness around mental health and suicide while structuring their messages around healing, love, and empowerment. By using  their personal lived-experience as the foundation of their work, their contributions to both the mental health and suicide prevention fields have made them well recognized as individuals and as a team throughout the United States and across the world. They are known for speaking clearly, safely, and with remarkable vulnerability while often highlighting what helped, what hurt, and what allows them to live fulfilling lives today. Jenny and Craig have a shared goal of reaching as many people as possible to normalize the conversations around our overall wellness and human health and more importantly, empower people to embrace their own personal life experiences and discover the beauty and power that lies within. 

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